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"Discover the 7 Dirty Little Secrets Tri-Valley Health Clubs, Gyms and Fitness Centers Don't Want You to Know About..."

Did you the majority of gyms and health clubs in the Tri-Valley are capitalizing on the fact that 9 out of 10 people who walk through their doors have no idea what they're getting themselves into...

Tri-Valley CA Health Club Special Report

Dear friend,

Hi I'm Mark Rogers, a fitness enthusiast personal trainer in the Tri-Valley of California.  Since I've been a player in the world of health and fitness for quite a few years now I've seen first hand exactly what goes on behind the scenes in these Tri-Valley health clubs, and frankly, it makes me sick...

I will not argue the fact that the use of health clubs, gyms and fitness centers has changed the lives of many people, and that's awesome....It's just that I feel the other 90 percent of the members in the Tri-Valley are getting a raw deal.

I've seen the lies, the secrets, the tricks and the dirty underhanded tactics that these fitness centers use to take advantage of people and it disgusts I'm getting revenge...

I'm letting the public in on the industry secrets that the health clubs do not want you or anyone else to know about...

I'm doing this so you can keep the ball in your court when you're ready to get in shape.  Some of this is pretty “hush-hush” stuff so I might make a lot of enemies in the health club industry, especially around the Tri-Valley, but I figure if I help at least one person then it's worth it.

Tri-Valley Health Club Dirty Little Secret # 1- They'll talk you into signing up but they really hope you don't workout after you do...

These Tri-Valley health clubs count on the fact that 80-90% of their members will never use their facility beyond maybe a month to three months per year. Why?

Did you know if all the people who have club memberships were to actually use the gym it would be so over crowded the local Tri-Valley Fire Marshal would shut them down faster than the change in San Francisco weather?

You see the way these gyms make money is by smooth talking hundreds of people into getting gym memberships but counting on the fact that only around 10-20% of these members will use their club with any kind of regularity.

Everyone knows fitness centers and health clubs in San Ramon and the Tri-Valley are super crowded in January and by March they're empty.  The gym staff knows with near certainty that if you're still here in March, it'll be a miracle, and they actually need you to disappear for awhile so everything can get back to normal.

If you're like the average Tri-Valley workout center or Health Club member after February you probably won't step foot in a gym until June when it's bathing suit season and those poolside insecurities start to set in. Again, the health club owners and employees can predict you'll be around for a month or two but again will disappear into the abyss of laurel resting until January rolls around.  If every member continued to use the facility on a regular basis they would be way too overcrowded to function and would be breaking more fire hazard laws than a fireworks show set up at a gas station on the 4th of July.

These fitness centers have this whole thing down to a science and here's what typically happens...

When you sign up for health club membership, the wheelin' and dealin' fast talking salesmen knows darn well that you, like most Tri-Valley Health Club members, will hardly ever use their facility with the exception of maybe a month here and a month there.

Oh they know you'll intend to use it, but they rely on the reality that you hardly ever will.  In fact they know the only part of you they'll be seeing is your hard earned money, which is fine for them because the salesman works mostly on commission.

In reality these fitness centers use many of the same tactics that car dealerships use.  Say you come in to take a peak at the gym, if the salesman can't “close” the deal he's instructed to pass you off to the sales manager who is much more experienced at “closing the deal”, and if he doesn't pass you off he gets into trouble.

I remember seeing these tactics being used first hand and it still makes me cringe.  One particular incident at a large well known high end health club I worked at in the Tri-Valley really got to me.  There was an elderly woman who wasn't sure she wanted to sign up, so the salesman passed her off to the sales manager so he could swarm down on her with his forceful “closing” techniques.

It was obvious this poor lady just wanted to get out of there, so as an excuse she said that she needed to run out to her car, well the sales manager just about demanded that she leave her driver license with him.  I nearly had a panic attack, how could he do this to this sweet little old lady?

I witnessed as she nervously and hesitantly handed over her driver's license to this daunting salesman.  And when she came back he bullied her into signing up when it was very obvious the only reason she was giving in was because this hulking intimidating salesman had practically made her.  A day later her son called the gym demanding that her contract be cancelled, so to stay in accordance with California State Law, they did.

That's just one of countless horror stories I can recite...

These gyms do not care if you get into shape they only care that you pay them money.  Let me further illustrate this point...

Maybe you made the innocent mistake of calling one of these corporate health clubs to inquire about a membership or perhaps you filled out some free one week workout coupon that you see with those lead boxes around town.  If so, how many times did the sales associates call and harass you to try and get you in to take a tour?

The staff is literally trained to call back as many times as it takes to get you in and sign you up.  Sell to you until you either buy or die is the motto.

On the other hand, have you ever belonged to gym?  If you have and you started slacking off on your workouts did they call you and try to motivate you to get your butt in gear?  Not likely...They know if you're not accountable you probably won't show up and if you don't show along with 80-90% of the other members who don't work out you'll make their lives a lot easier...

Why is it they're willing to call you 14 times to get you to come in and sign up but not once to make sure you're sticking to your workouts?

It's because all they care about is that you sign up and hand over your money, they have no interest in getting you to work out, because if you did it could make there lives a lot harder.

Bottom line...Tri-Vally health clubs and gyms want you to sign up but not workout.

Tri-Valley Health Club Dirty Little Secret # 2 - Gyms are literally crawling with dangerous bacteria...

That's right, gyms and fitness centers are literal cesspools of....well...

According to Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology at New York University Medical Center, around 80% of all infectious disease is transmitted by both direct and indirect contact.

That makes the gym and fitness centers, with its sweaty drippy bodies in close proximity, a highly conducive environment for catching everything from athlete's foot to the flu to serious Staph Infections.

From taking swabs of exercise medicine balls, for example, Tierno found samples of MRSA -- a strain of staph resistant to some antibiotics.  "Any time you touch a medicine ball or machine, you have to know that your hands are contaminated and should be washed."  Tierno says.

I personally know one fitness trainer who almost lost his hand because of a nasty Staph Infection he caught at a Tri-Valley health club.  It's hard to get into shape when your whole arm is in a sling because of a staph infection you caught at your local gym...
You see, bodies dripping with sweat side-by-side in a fitness center create the moist environment germs need to thrive. In gyms and health clubs germs lurk on the equipment, treadmill handles, floor, shower stalls, exercise and stretching mats, water fountains, steam rooms, whirlpools, swimming pools, sinks, and toilets. You could say they are everywhere.

The human skin is covered with millions of germs, so when anyone sweats, these nasty little germs naturally come pouring off.  All of that exposed skin and sweat together can create the ideal breeding ground for spreading unwanted and harmful infections.

These germs are transported from machine to machine, and one accidental contact can set off a domino effect of infecting you with viridians, staphylococcal, streptococcus, and e-coli, the most common bacteria found in human feces.  Yuck!

This is common knowledge in the health club industry but most gyms will never tell you this because it could seriously hurt their membership numbers.

What can you do to protect yourself?  Definitely use the spray bottles that some gyms and health clubs provide for wiping down the equipment, wash your hands regularly, consider wearing gloves, wear long sleeves and pants while working out, bring your own towel, while in the locker room, make sure you wear flip-flops, and avoid sitting nude on any exposed surface.  And very important — if you have any minor cuts or scrapes make sure and wear anti-biotic ointment with a band aid on it, you definitely don't want to end up like that trainer I know who almost lost his hand...

Tri-Valley Health Club Dirty Little Secret # 3 The gym counts on you NOT reading the small print in their contracts...

When it comes to signing a contract with a fitness center the devil is definitely in the details so be sure and read all of that small print before you sign anything.  You'll be amazed at some of the stuff that's in there, in fact you'll probably think twice about joining.

Fast-talking wheeling and dealing gym sales reps may offer you a deal that seems too good to be true, that's because very often it is.  Many times you end up with health club salespeople trying to make quotas so they use pressuring techniques which can lead to a glossing over of important details that's imbedded in the small print like some kind of Morse code.

Did you know trouble canceling health club memberships because of small print stipulations is one of the top complaints against health clubs logged with the Better Business Bureau and states' attorneys general offices?

For example, many gyms Tri-Valley, Dublin and Livermore health clubs have a 60 day cancellation policy that's in the fine print in the contract....and if you try to cancel your contract they can't do it right there at the front desk, you need to call corporate to do it.  Well guess what happens when you call corporate, they're going to tell you that you need to give 60 days written notice submitted by mail to cancel your contract.   This means you might end up being charged a total of three more times for your gym membership before you can stop making payments.

I know, I fell for this one myself!  Admittedly I never read the small print and ended up kicking myself afterwards.....Man was I upset...

Here's another example: One popular health club offer that has elicited complaints on the Consumer Affairs' web site is a 30-day trial membership that had a simple little catch:  You must visit the club a minimum of 12 times during the first month to cancel without penalty; otherwise, you're locked into a multiyear membership.

Many consumers complain they did attend the required number of times but that when they decided to cancel, the club had no record of the visits.  A spokesperson for Bally Total Fitness says the company's policy is to check all members entering the club and record their usage; however this obviously wasn't the case.

So how can you defend yourself?  Read every single word of the contract including the small print and never rely on a suave salesperson's "word".

Tri-Valley Health Club Dirty Little Secret # 4 -When it comes to getting the body you want nutrition plays a far bigger factor than exercise...

Let's face it, no matter how hard you work in the gym if you're eating a crappy diet you'll never have the body you want.  It's true, exercise is extremely important, but eating the right foods in the right amounts is even more important.

There is only one exercise I know of that will get rid of the excess fat put on by plates of fatty foods.......push aways.  That's right, push away all that food and get yourself something healthy like some fruit or veggies with a lean protein source.

However, it is very important to work out when losing weight because not only will the exercise help you lose the weight but it will also help you look real good when the weight comes off.

The problem is most Tri-Valley, Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon and Pleasanton health clubs want you to think that just using their facility is the magic bullet to having the body you want and the truth is that it isn't. Yes, having the right equipment is an important part of the process but equally as important is doing the right exercises, using the right form, working out at the right intensity, and getting proper rest and eating the right foods in the right portions at the right times.

You see exercise is just one spoke on the wheel of having the body of your dreams.

Tri-Valley Health Club Dirty Little Secret # 5 — Most of the members who use the facilities today look exactly like they did one year ago and the staff could care less...

When I worked as personal trainer in the health clubs and large corporate gym settings in the Tri-Valley I saw the same exact thing happen day in day out.  You might even know what I saw because you've seen it too.  I saw…

Nothing...I mean hardly anybody was getting results.  It was as if everyone looked the same month in month out.  Hardly any members using the gym were losing fat or getting firmer and more toned.  And you know what the worst part was...

Not a single member of the gym staff cared.

Tri-Valley Health Club Dirty Little Secret # 6 — Most of the members using these fitness centers are using the wrong exercises, the wrong form and have absolutely no idea what they're doing...

That's right; the majority of the Tri-Valley health club members are using the wrong programs, the wrong equipment, doing the wrong exercises and even worse.........

When most people work out they are using really bad form!

Making these mistakes will cause you to get minimal results, compromise your health, cause injuries, make women who don't want to look buffed out look buffed out, ruin your joints and create horribly unattractive posture...just look around some of these gyms and you'll see what I mean...guys with big ole' chest muscles pulling their shoulders forward so they look like a caveman, and women with muscles in places where women are just not meant to have muscles--like having thick masculine traps and necks.

What's the solution?  What do people who really want to get into shape do?  Well, for one we can look at what celebrities do, we can look to their “secrets”--and I'll give you an idea, it's not pills, powders or magic drinks...

Look at guys like Christian Bale who goes from an anorexic in The Machinist to a bulked up muscular Superhero for Batman Begins in a matter of months!

Look at how Renee Zellweger can transform herself in a matter of months:

These celebrities are just like you and I, you're human, when it comes down to it they're bodies are no different so how in the world do they do it?

The secret is Personal Training.  That's right - these stars always have a personal fitness trainer to keep them on track.

So what can you do to get in shape like the stars?  One solution is to sign up for your local Tri-Valley Health Club and Pleasanton personal training services, but before you do I think you should know...

Tri-Valley Health Club Dirty Little Secret # 7 — Most of the personal fitness trainers in these gyms have no idea of what they're doing or how to help you reach your fitness goals...

The sad truth is that the majority of personal fitness trainers in health clubs don't know the first thing about what it really takes to get most people into shape

You see in the Tri-Valley health clubs you predominately have two types of trainers:

Tri-Valley Problem Trainer #1- The problem is most of these gyms will hire just about anybody to be a trainer, they will literally post a "for hire" ad explaining that they are looking for trainers, salesman and janitors, and guess what?  If some one comes in and applies for a sales job and the positions are all taken, they'll hire them to be a trainer, have them take two to five days worth of classes (mostly about selling personal training instead of actually training) give them cheesy certification and call them a personal trainer.

They'll literally push them out onto the gym floor loaded with sales tactics to talk people into training

The gym teaches them a few routines and they literally take people through the same routine workout after workout.  Just ask a few of your friends who've used trainers, doing the same routine over and over is one of the biggest complaints you'll hear.

Tri-Valley Health Club Problem Trainer #2- And then you have the other type of trainer in these gyms - the genetically gifted workout freaks.  You see these kinds actually do have an interest in exercises the only problem is since these trainers are genetically gifted everything they've tried when it comes to getting into shape works for them.  They can literally read a magazine about getting into shape and magically they start to get into shape.

The problem is it's just not like that for most people, most people need to work out the proper way, using the right exercise techniques and programs for their goals, if they used the shot gun approach that the genetically gifted exercise enthusiast can get away with they see little--if any--results.

The big complaint you'll hear about these trainers is they spend more time checking themselves out in the mirror than training you effectively.  These trainers make for great reality TV but don't do much else besides give the personal fitness training industry a bad name.

Now don't get me wrong,  I love what personal training can do for someone.  When the right kind of training is applied I've seen people completely transform themselves, I've seen the overweight woman become the smoking hot babe, I've seen the sloppy looking loner couch potato become the alpha male stud, I've seen peoples self images completely transform...

As a matter of fact, from using the right training and exercise techniques  this woman made quite a transformation a few years back, just check out these pictures of her taken 15 short months apart:

(To read about my dramatic transformation visit me at Tri-Valley Personal Trainer)

So I don't think personal training per say is the problem, the problem is most large Tri-Valley health clubs hire the wrong kinds of trainers.  I should know, I used to work in one of these places and what I saw on a daily basis angered and disgusted me...

I finally got fed up with there whole system of doing things that I started my own personal fitness training business and have never looked back...

Mark Rogers Fitness is a Tri-Valley personal training service dedicated to helping average people reach their fitness goals, lose fat, tone up, feel great and look amazing all at affordable rates...
  • I won't try to sell you, in fact I'm the opposite of the typical Tri-Valley health club salesman type of personal trainer
  • I realize that I am not the magic bullet and you will have to do your part which
    includes eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right times, and I will definitely help you with that
  • There is no small print in my contracts and I'm up front about everything
  • I'll show you what exercises to do and how to do them correctly so you'll lose fat and shape up at a rapid rate
  • I'll push you and help you give all you've got
  • I put my heart and soul into my training because I truly care about you getting results
  • I know how to get you into shape, that's why I'm the Tri-Valley's most in demand personal training service

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