Think Before You Drink - If You Want to Lose Fat and Be Lean

We are at the beginning of July 4th weekend, filled with BBQs, friends, fun, family and perhaps for some the consumption of choice alcoholic beverages.  Beyond the whole be careful and don't do stupid selfish things like drinking and driving and other associated debaucherous acts, add the negative effect that alcohol has on your fitness efforts.

For one alcohol raises your estrogen levels and lowers testosterone levels in your body....definitely not good for building muscle and losing fat.

Secondly it inhibits protein synthesis which is necessary for muscle development and depletes your body of minerals and vitamins along with dehydrating you.  All fantastic happenings if you're wanting to get in shape--yeah right!

Not to mention the insane amount of sugar calories you will be consuming, 7 calories per gram that the way alcohol is the purest form of sugar and it will irritate your digestive system causing it to be inflamed and thus reducing your ability to digest and absorb the other food you are putting in your body.  Typically, as you may well know, food choices while consuming alcohol are typically not of the healthy variety (can we say grease, Dennys, IHOP and other assorted non-food garbage).

Oh, and do forget the fact that you're killing brain cells also.  And don't even try to use the moderation excuse....what the heck is moderation?  Basically what that means is whatever you want to drink you will justify....perhaps have one drink, if you absolutely must and then switch to WATER....novel concept ehh....

Ok, I'm stepping off my soap box now.....enjoy the holiday weekend!....I'm sure you'll be thinking about this when and if you reach for that choice beverage, and remember, bad eating always outweighs exercise.