Making Up Those Lost Years

While you can make significant physical changes to your body regardless of your age, one thing is for sure, exercising and participating in sports when you are young gives you the most benefit. Your hormone profile, ability to recover and so forth are at their best when you are young. If you are young or you have kids or know those who do encourage them to be involved in sports and exercise. Below is a brief quote from an article on the Science Daily website....

"The bones respond best when you're young, and if you train and load them with your own bodyweight during these years, it has a stimulating effect on their development," says Nilsson. "This may be important for bone strength much later in life too, so reducing the risk of brittle bones."

The message is, get started, no matter what your's sort of like starting your savings, the more years you have the better the results will be. The difference here is you can never get those years back and thus if you wait until you are in your 30's, 40's etc. to start exercising it's going to take a lot longer to get the benefits and it will be much harder to achieve the same things. Never lose hope, however just realize that if you start later you're making it much harder on yourself as your body has memory and if you didn't do much when you were young you may cut short your potential for maximum health and vitality