In-Activity Not the Cause of Obesity

Take a look at the article link I have in the sidebar regarding children, activity levels and obesity. All this proves is what many people already know, or at least suspect....eating is much more important than activity when it comes to being at a healthy weight.

Like I have mentioned before, exercise can't compensate for bad eating. If you think it can well, try it for awhile, not only will you find yourself not progressing but you will also find yourself working out for hours on end completely exhausted, sore, sick and injury prone. It's like putting the wrong type of fuel in a can push the accelerator as much as you want but it's only going to respond for a short time and then it will fall apart. Sugar, fast food and other processed junk that looks convenient, appealing and flashy in a store or restaurant will get you nowhere when it comes to fitness. You may look "ok" on the outside but after a short time you will feel terrible on the inside and looks will follow.

Face reality, you can't have your cake and eat it too....hasn't ever worked, won't work now and for sure won't work in the future. Yes you may be able to site some anecdotal example of so and so eats terrible but they look great, but that doesn't mean it applies to anyone else. Likely you don't know what they do all the time every day as you can't be with anyone all day every day....these types of responses are just excuses that get you nowhere.

Ok, off the soap box....just remember you can't cancel out bad eating with exercise....end of story. Clean up your diet and watch your results soar!