Sugar Destroying Your Results

Today I want to focus more specifically on sugar and how it will destroy your chances of achieving your fat loss and fitness goals.  Most of you probably think you don't really eat that much sugar when in fact you probably eat much more than you think.  Part of this is probably due to the addictive nature of sugar and part due to the vilifying of fat and most meats by the mainstream nutrition mantra.  Let me just go through a "typical" day of American eating and point out the large amount of sugar consumed. 

Start with a cereal based breakfast with a yogurt and perhaps some juice or maybe just a Starbucks latte with a bagel or pastry of some sort.  Most of this is sugar (cereal = processed grains which turn to sugar, nonfat milk = mostly sugar, juice = all sugar, pastry/bagel = sugar, latte = potential high sugar along with another stimulant caffeine)  There is minimal to no protein or healthy fat in any of these items.  These type of foods only promote fat gain  particularly when coupled with a lifestyle of sitting with no significant activity all day long.

Then mid-morning you may go for some fruit perhaps...again all sugar and then your lunch if you're good will be a salad and a sandwich or soup.  Salad gives you some slower digesting sugars but little protein and then the bread on the sandwich and who knows what type spread or dressing.  The point is the majority of your calories are coming from carbohydrates (primarily sugars) and you are sitting around all day (not doing anything physically strenuous).  This doesn't include any beverages that aren't of lemonade perhaps....full of sugar....what about a diet beverage....the artificial sweeteners just trick your brain into eating more because it thinks you're getting sugar but you're not.  Then comes that afternoon you go for some kind of stimulant to get you through (candy, coffee, other non-food foods).

You get home, are exhausted, nothing is ready or prepared for the evening so you go for take out or some other quick meal.  Even if you are good and have things planned for dinner this may be the only meal where you get significant protein...chicken perhaps...maybe careful though, you may have a big pile of mashed potatoes and don't forget a couple of calorie laden cocktails or several glasses of wine to drown your stress and sorrows.

As harsh as this may sound, this pattern of eating is very common whether people want to admit it or's a recipe for obesity, disease and lethargy.  The main culprit is sugar and more sugar and more sugar that the body turns right into fat because if you're lucky you are working out 30-60 minutes and that's not even most days.  You are burning few calories because those workouts are light to moderate at best.  If this all sounds familiar than don't be surprised if you see few changes in how you look other than getting bigger and more out of shape.