Obesity Rates Not Going Down in America

A new report just issued shows that obesity rates in the United States are on the rise in 23 states and hasn't gone down in any! Hmmm....based on this what do you think may be a good way to reduce the extravagant costs of healthcare in the US without resorting to extremely expensive so called "reform". How about we develop a lifestyle based program focused on prevention through weight loss, proper nutrition, exercise and positive lifestyle changes. Give people incentives to make these changes so they can not only avoid developing costly disease processes at young ages but also become more productive members of society due to improved health. This would help to make people take personal responsibility for their health and thus reduce the burden on the healthcare system which thereby would reduce costs and help now overworked healthcare workers provide better care to those who really need it. It's the whole rabbit and carrot trick. People make changes best when they have some skin the game...and in this case the skin would be in the form of insurance premium and other financial incentives based on lifestyle behaviors. Determine how much savings various healthy behaviors generate for the government and perhaps issue income tax credits based on these savings. This would generate multi-layer benefits as hospitals, government, companies and society as a whole would save significant dollars while the individual would also see there efforts pay off not only in terms of saving money but also in quality of life and improved ability to contribute positively to the betterment of their life, their families life and the lives of others.

People change most when given incentive to do so.