All You Need is You

With the economy down and your finances tight there's no excuse or need to worry about how you are going to stay in shape.

Why? Because being fit doesn't have to cost a dime. Using just your bodyweight for exercises can provide more than enough variety and challenge to get you in top shape. Just a little creativity coupled with some hard work and watch your body change in no time.

The basics always work the best. Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, Dips and on it goes. For the legs you've got squats, lunges, hip raises, leg lifts and so forth. What's great about these exercises is you can do them anywhere and it won't cost you a lot of time or money.

If you're just starting out Day 1 do 3 sets of 10 of Push-Ups, Pull-Ups and Dips; modified as needed. Then the next day do 3 sets of 10 for squats, lunges and hip raises. This shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes each day and you'll get in great shape doing it!