Core Fitness...

This is all you hear about everywhere, "do this for your core", "do that for your core". So most people automatically think this means do as many crunches as you possibly can because "you gotta have a six pack". This is so so far from the actual truth. For one, there are many people who have "six packs" but are far from healthy and actually are relatively weak in the rest of their core. If you have a strong front but a weak or non-existent back it doesn't do much for you.

Ever hear of the naked spine's not really a syndrome but you see it very frequently, particularly in females who train their abs like crazy but do little or nothing for their backs. Here's how to recognize this, if you look at someones back and you can see their spine protruding with little or no muscle along the sides of it that's not good at all. They need to strengthen their back, particularly erector muscles along the spine using (back extensions, torso rotations, rowing movements etc.) Not only will it help them avoid injuries, it will also balance out their looks. Nothing looks worse than a six pack coupled with a bony naked spine where the ribs and spinal column are visibly protruding.

Additionally, the hips should be strengthened in order to provide a total core workout. The muscles of the hips and glutes play a huge role in stabilizing and strengthening the core. This is also an area where many if not most people are seriously lacking. A lack of strength in the hips translates into major potential problems for the spine as well as the lower body areas of vulnerability such as the knees and ankles.

All in all what the point I'm trying to make is that the core is all abs and just because someone has a six pack doesn't mean they are in shape. Take a look at their back and butt and then decide...if those two areas are looking pretty sad then they have a lot of work to do. Even individuals who are "elite athletes" may still have these glaring weaknesses. So balance yourself out by working your abs, back, hips and glutes if you want a core that not only looks good all around but also keeps you injury free. Check out this article for more on this.