Monday May 18, 2009 - Just take the steps?

This is a comment you hear quite frequently when amongst people discussing "exercise" or "healthy habits". However, this is a very dangerous comment. Why you ask? Because it breeds content, comfort, and feelings of I'm ok you're ok when in reality that's far from the truth for most people. Even though taking the steps isn't a bad thing it is many times used as a justification for not doing real, challenging exercise that will actually push you to achieve the results you really want. If you need to lose weight and tone up and all you do is take the steps it's going to be a long road to losing that weight particularly if you don't make any other changes in your life. It may be a starting point for someone who has done little or no exercise for a long time but shouldn't be an ending point or comfort zone used to justify not doing more challenging exercise and changing ones diet. If you want to see real change you have to do things that aren't comfortable at first, this may include feeling embarassed, lungs burning, muscles burning, sweating profusely etc. These may be things you very much dislike, but are necessary if you really want to lose weight whether it's 20 lbs, 100lbs or even more. People use many excuses as to why they "can't" lose weight or get in shape, all of them are just that, excuses. So stop making excuses to justify your current state, take action by starting where you're able to start but realize that you must move forward to really get the results you want. You can't just take the steps. You have to change your diet, workout with weights, do cardio, get adequate rest etc. It's a package deal and it's a lifetime, not a one time commitment.